About the foundry

Teeline Fonts is a digital type foundry located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. Founded in 2010, Teeline’s offerings are modest in number but clever in conception and careful in execution.

Taken from the winter sport of curling, the foundry’s name refers to the line that runs through the center of the house (target) perpendicular to the direction of travel of the thrown stones. A curler who can consistently slide their stone to tee-line depth is a great asset to their team.

Teeline is also the name of a type of British shorthand writing.

Consult (or contribute to!) FontsInUse’s page on our foundry.

About the designer

Photograph of designer Craig Eliason at work

Teeline Fonts features the creative work of Craig Eliason. His type designs have been profiled in Codex, exhibited at the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, and jury-selected for honorable mention at the Morisawa Type Design Competition. He has developed type and lettering designs for clients like Morisawa and the Carleton College Voice.

His design work is fueled by a keen scholarly interest in the history of type. His research has been featured at conferences ranging from the Association Typographique Internationale annual meeting to TypeWknd, and published in venues including Design Issues, Printing History, and Typographica. He holds a Ph.D. in art history from Rutgers University and serves as a professor in the art history department at the University of St. Thomas.

He is also the likely record-holder for number of original pangrams written.

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