Like most digital type foundries, Teeline Fonts sells licenses to use the font files we provide. The license type and price depends on your intended use.

The descriptions below should guide you to the licenses to review, but be sure to read the linked end-user license agreements themselves carefully for the details of what uses are permitted and disallowed.

The Desktop license allows you to install the fonts on your computers. The starting desktop license covers three such installations, with additional installations offered at a discount.

The Web license allows you to use our fonts on a website you create, using @font-face in your CSS code. Licensing costs are scaled to the monthly page views at a particular web domain.

The App license will allow you to use the fonts in certain kinds of apps you develop for mobile devices. Licensing the fonts for multiple apps at once will net a discount.

Trial licenses are offered at no cost, and allow you to use limited versions of our fonts on a trial basis.

Contact us with any questions you have about licensing our fonts.