New fonts sample: Cuttlefish, Feneon, and Pleinair

Relaunch, and new fonts!

October 14, 2021
New releases

Teeline Fonts was founded in 2010, but, oddly, never had its own spot on the web. Until today!

I am so proud to see my new website go live, including the debut of three new typeface collections.

  • Feneon is a family of typefaces inspired by neon signage. Its “tubes” wind back and forth to create letterforms that are at once high-contrast and monolinear. Its optical sizes are also a novel contribution to the style.
  • Cuttlefish is a sans-serif family with a focus on versatility. It comes in a variety of weights and, more unusually, a variety of contrasts between thick and thin. It is a kind of “Swiss army knife” of sans faces, especially in the available variable-font format that allows subtle tuning of its character.
  • Pleinair may be less practical, but is no less interesting. It offers letterforms approximated by loosely scattered splotches. Challenging to read up close, but remarkably clearer at a distance, it might be called “Impressionist type.”

There will be more to come: I invite you to subscribe to the foundry newsletter to stay in the loop.